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Hello, lovelies! Been a while since I dropped in, but since things have been running smoothly, there hasn't really been a need for any mod intervention. If there's ever any trouble, contact me and let me know. I may be quiet here, but I'm usually around.

First off, I want to remind everyone that the prompt post exists. It's been a bit quiet lately (understatement), but it's still open for prompts and for fills.

Next, I mentioned hosting a gen challenge a while back. Though I've been preoccupied with RL and fics, I've been thinking of what to do for the challenge, and I think what I'm going to do is host a "mini-challenge" throughout the month of June. With so many big bangs going on lately, I figured it would be best to do something tiny and low pressure, so what I'm thinking right now is a minimum word count requirement of 500 words for fic and anything goes for art, with a separate set of prompts from the ones in the prompt post.

Finally, the wonderful [ profile] i_amthecosmos has created [ profile] fansforfans, a multi-fandom support community for fannish people dealing with mental health issues. It was created last week, and it's steadily turning into a wonderful place that will hopefully be a great help for others. I'm a co-maintainer there, so I figured I'd come spread the word here.

I plan to have more details for the challenge ironed out by the end of the week. Stay tuned.
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So, to stir up some additional interest in the community and in the creation of gen fics and art, I'm thinking about holding some kind of fic and art challenge sometime in the near future. Probably not for a few weeks, since some people are busy with [ profile] cockbertbigbang right now, including myself (or, at least, I should be), and possibly some other challenges, too. I'm trying to plan ahead, though, so people can be ready when it happens, and to see if there's any interest.

What I'm thinking about right now is something informal but structured, with a small word count minimum for fics and something for artists to do, but I don't have any concrete ideas yet. Since the community is still so small and so new, and since gen isn't exactly the most popular type of fanwork, I want it to be something inviting, not intimidating. Nothing as big as a big bang (though I certainly wouldn't object to big bang-length stories, of course), but not too small, either. I'm open to suggestions.

Of course, this depends on whether or not anyone else is interested, which is why I'm asking now. Anyone?
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If you've read any must-read gen fic, or if you've written gen fics before, feel free to link to them in this post. And, if you've written it yourself, feel free to post it to the comm, too.

Please include the following information with the fic:
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Like [ profile] glam_gen? Want to see it grow? Feel free tweet about it or to use the following promo banners to advertise it in your journals.

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Prompt Post

Mar. 1st, 2011 12:00 pm
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Want to write a gen fic but lack ideas? Have a look around and grab something from here! Have a gen fic idea that you'd like to give away? Post that here, too!

Prompts can be filled more than once, and prompt fills can either be posted in the comments or to the community itself. If you wish to post a prompt or a response anonymously, contact [ profile] argylepiratewd.

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Have fun!
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Welcome to [ profile] glam_gen, a community dedicated to non-romantic fanworks featuring Adam Lambert and other members of his glam world. Most of the fanworks in this fandom are centered around romantic or sexual relationships. This community, however, is for works that deal with these people in a non-romantic, non-sexual context. Romance and porn are great, but so is gen. All genres of fic or art are welcome, and romantic and/or sexual elements are not banned entirely--as long as the primary focus of the fanwork is neither romantic nor sexual, it is allowed.

This community is a ship-neutral zone.

1. No relationship-oriented fic.
2. No bashing. This applies to both authors and characters.
3. Place all fics behind a cut if you are posting directly to the community.
4. Do NOT link to locked entries. If you wish to post an f-locked fic, post it directly to the community.
5. Place any images greater than 100 x 100 behind a cut. This includes fic banners and other forms of fanart. Up to three teaser icons may be posted outside of a cut in an icon post.
6. Do not advertise another community without the moderator's permission.
7. Please contact the moderator if you have any community-related issues.
8. Please take the time to edit your fic before posting.
9. Please do not alter the size, the font, or the color of your text when posting to the community.
10. Please use a header that includes the following information:

Be sure to check out our Prompt Post if you need some inspiration or if you have some to give.

Your moderator is [ profile] argylepiratewd. Please contact her through PM, email (thewalkingdictionary42[at]gmail[dot]com), or Twitter if you have any questions.

Have fun!


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